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What else can you say about Pop music? It just grabs you…

Whether you’re out with friends singing to the jukebox tunes your buddy put on at the dive bar, or maybe just in your car belting out your favorite 80s-90’s one hit wonder, you can’t deny pop music. 

The Pop Disaster is the highest energy Pop Rock cover band in New England. Famous for their "GLOW" parties, amazing crowd participation, and live sound mix, you'll hear your favorite  top 40 dance, Pop/Rock and 90's hits with a little bit of Classic 80s and Country tossed in the mix that you love all in the same night!


So next weekend, when you’re looking to go out and have a ridiculously good time and just want to let loose with some friends, meet some new friends, and wake up saying…”did we really sing everything from Blink 182, The Killers and Taylor Swift to  Journey, Shania Twain and that New Club hit that is all over the Radio?", come see The Pop Disaster!

Getting Married?  Corporate Event?  College event?  Fundraiser? Outdoor Acoustic Jams? Need a DJ? 

We do all of the above with style, grace and bring the Pop Party to any sort of event.  

Contact us for more details!



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